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Wait, What?! Motorola One Hyper from Lenovo Also Has Over the Air Charging Tech

Were you amazed to see Xiaomi’s revolutionary announcement of the Mi Air Charge Technology, a tech which lets you charge your phone over the air, from anywhere in the room?

We hope you still have some room for amazement because immediately after, Lenovo also displayed such a tech.

Called the Motorola One Hyper, this is Lenovo’s true wireless over the air charging technology, capable of charging up to seven phones or devices at the same time!

Amazing, right?

And also pretty confusing, since the Motorola One Hyper is also a phone from a couple of years back – you can see it pictured above, if you already forgot about it.. Are they recycling the name?

Also, while Xiaomi announced their tech with a press release, a video and nifty gifs, Lenovo just posted this short video on Weibo.

And just like Xiaomi, Lenovo dropped this bomb but didn’t say when or how much it will be. 

Ugh, how long must we suffer with cables and charging pads?!

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Wait, What?! Motorola One Hyper from Lenovo Also Has Over the Air Charging Tech
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