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World’s First Apple Museum to Open With $7,499 Mac and Other 322 Items on Display

When owning an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Mac (or multiples) don’t cut it for you, there will always be the Apple Museum to visit. MacPaw is set to soon open a space that could trump every Apple store you’ve visited before. How? Through the sheer number of Apple items on display!

Apple fanboys are about to enter Apple heaven. An Apple Museum is set to open soon at the initiative of software company MacPaw. No, Apple itself isn’t a part of this endeavor. The museum is something you shouldn’t miss if you love the brand’s products just as much as you admire Steve Jobs or appreciate the company’s interesting history.

According to MacPaw, the museum will host an impressive number of 323 items and memorabilia in the heart of Ukraine – Kyiv. The collection has been in the making for four years now, starting with items from New York and recently, enriched with the help of a unique collection of Apple products from a private collector in Poland.

“[…] Thanks to Apple’s great minds, now we have indispensable tech products that feed our eyes every second. Some of them are just like art pieces, and we’re very glad to have this opportunity to share these iconic items with other fans.” said Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and founder of MacPaw.

Among the treasured items, there will be the 20th Anniversary Macintosh that cost $7,499 when it was announced. In case you didn’t know, TAMs were delivered to customers in a limo by Apple staff in black tie dress code, who would help with its installation. Pretty fancy, huh?

Also on display, will be Apple products signed by the original team; there you’ll find the Macintosh 128k, signed by Steve Wozniak as well as the Apple’s first “portable” computer, a 15 pounds device, with the signatures of the whole team who was working on it back then. The museum will be cashless, encouraging contactless payments with tickets sold online.

This exhibition will be 100% physical but MacPaw is working on a digital extension of it. When MacPaw Space launches, it will be a platform for “people to exchange their ideas in a like-minded community and find peer support to make them come true.” So… Apple groupies working on iOS apps? Or perhaps something more innovative? Time will tell.

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World’s First Apple Museum to Open With $7,499 Mac and Other 322 Items on Display
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