You Can Now Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Fold

samsung galaxy fold

Update: At the moment, all Galaxy Fold pre-orders are put on pause. Samsung says that demands have exceeded expectations and “will alert you when Galaxy Fold is available.”

After announcing they had begun mass production of foldable OLEDs for the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has opened up the pre-orders.

Early adopters are likely to spend $1,980 to get their hands on one unit. The reason why Samsung is charging so much for their foldable phone is understandable; after all the development was a long and complex process.

The device itself is not very different from what Samsung showed off onstage at an event in San Francisco earlier this year.

The Galaxy Fold combines mobile, tablet and camera features in one. When folded, the device acts as a smartphone with a 4.3-inch screen, while opened it becomes a tablet with a 7.3-inch Infinity Display. Galaxy Fold can do “three-app multitasking”, meaning three applications can be used on the same screen simultaneously.

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Despite selling the device for a big price, the company didn’t instill a lot of confidence at Mobile World Congress, where they kept the Galaxy Fold in a glass case at all times.

So, have you pre-ordered this innovative smartphone?

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