Volkswagen Presents SEDRIC, A Cute Self-Driving Bus

wolkswagen sedric electric self-driving school bus autonomous minibus

The Geneva Motor Show had a few stars, but none of them quite as colorful as the Volkswagen Cedric.

This self-driving bus stole the show for the second year in a row, looking even more fun than the driverless Volkswagen hippie minibus.

The concept vehicle is a cute, futuristic self-driving minibus designed especially for school kids. It’s made for ride-sharing, allowing parents to push a button and summon a convenient school shuttle.

It seats four passengers, has bench storage and an OLED screen for entertainment. More importantly, the SEDRIC electric bus has the potential to become a part of the urban landscape.

“The SEDRIC mobility concept has the option of using the OneButton control element to call up a self-driving electric vehicle at the touch of a button and conveniently traveling from door to door. This allows the school run to be carried out in a simple, safe and fun journey,” explained Volkswagen.

With a brand new paint job, it certainly looks more inviting than at last year’s unveiling. Check out the Sedric presented at the Geneva Car Show 2017.

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