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After Ordering A Lyft In California, This Woman Was Picked Up In A Rickshaw

Does your Lyft driver move so slow sometimes they seem to be traveling on foot?

It might just be the case.

This California-based woman ordered a Lyft and, after an hour-long wait, was picked up by a man with a rickshaw trying to make this month’s rent.

TikTok user Laylay (@laylayhurd2) shared her hilarious experience on TikTok in a video that got more than 1.5 million views.

In it, Laylay says she ordered a Lyft on the way back from the club. After more than an hour, a running man carrying a rickshaw showed up so they hopped in and enjoyed the ride.

“We didn’t even complain,” she said, adding that the driver said he was trying to work for this month’s rent money. In the video comments, people said that the “driver” , Neil, was actually famous in Bakersfield, California for doing that and even used to have a wooden rickshaw at one point.

Dailydot even uncovered a 2017 Facebook event holding a fundraiser for Neil, writing that “Neil Wood (rickshaw Neil) is still missing his rickshaw. In an effort to continue to help him in finding his rickshaw, we ask the community to come together to support him in any way possible.”

Now, Laylay started another fundraiser for him on GoFundMe and says he told her during the ride that he does this in order to pay for his rent.

The campaign has, as of the writing, $892 out of a $5000 goal, so perhaps you could chip in if you admire Neil’s drive to work?

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After Ordering A Lyft In California, This Woman Was Picked Up In A Rickshaw
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