Doom Eternal for Switch Out December 8th

Doom Eternal for Switch Out December 8th

PC: Nintendo/Bethesda

Doom Eternal is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch!

In a video released by Nintendo, Doom Eternal will be brought over to the Switch on December 8th. The game initially released on other platforms March 20th.

According to a report by Video Games Chronicle, the game will only being released through digital distribution with no plans for a physical release for the Switch. Additionally, the single-player and Battlemode will have the option to use motion controls. 

Doom Eternal made waves earlier this year for its refined first-person shooter gameplay. It was so critically acclaimed it is now a 2020 Game of the Year nominee.

However, its time in the spotlight became quickly eclipsed by the many incredible games which came out around the same time, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons (which released on the same day), Final Fantasy VII REMAKE, Persona 5 Royal, and The Last of Us Part II.

Perhaps this release on the Switch will bring it back in the spotlight or, at least, give a new group of gamers access to this gem of a game.

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Doom Eternal for Switch Out December 8th
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