Facebook Bans Coronavirus Ads That Stir Panic and Promise Cures

Facebook Bans Coronavirus Ads That Stir Panic and Promise Cures

The coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate, scaring people into making provisions, canceling flights and checking updates day and night on social media. Unfortunately, that’s the ideal channel for fake news that can reach a global audience. Facebook has become aware of that and is now banning coronavirus ads and posts that promise false cures and stir panic.

“We recently implemented a policy to prohibit ads that refer to the coronavirus and create a sense of urgency, like implying a limited supply, or guaranteeing a cure or prevention. We also have policies for surfaces like Marketplace that prohibit similar behavior,” a Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider.

This statement comes after Facebook promised, in the beginning of the year, to “limit the spread of misinformation and harmful content about the virus and [connect] people to helpful information.” Amazon has also joined the battle by removing products from their e-store that are, apparently, able to “kill” the coronavirus.

At this moment, the coronavirus has made 3,000 victims and infected 80,980 people. Given the magnitude of the pandemic, large business gatherings were canceled. MWC 2020 comes to mind and now, GDC is in danger to suffer the same fate.

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