How To Choose and Where To Buy a Standing Desk

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The lucky few who still do remote work should still be careful because all’s not well when being away from the office for so long. For your spinal health, a standing desk is essential, but what to choose?

Our smartwatches are going crazy with sedentary reminders but standing up and moving a little every half an hour is still impossible when you have a lot to do. That’s why a standing desk or a standing desk converter, if you have a limited budget, is an essential workspace addition.

We went through most of the options available and put together this guide to help you avoid more back pain.

Without further ado, here’s how to choose and where to buy a standing desk or a standing desk converter that’s not just a flimsy excuse for an ergonomic desk.

How Tall Should a Standing Desk Be?

Since we’re talking about a standing desk, the main thing you should do is look for a piece of furniture that doesn’t put strain on your back and neck. This means looking out for a model that is adjustable with a high level of extension.

Of course, your height should be the first thing to consider. The good thing is there are options for people as tall as 6-foot 8-inches, so there are options available.

Small, electric, adjustable standing desk or a standing desk converter? How to choose

Other factors you should take into consideration are size, versatility and the quality of its motors. You don’t wanna pay a lot of money for something with creaky gears!

If you have a small home office, then you’ll definitely want something that matches the current desk you own, assuming you’re not willing to redecorate the space.

Electric standing desks pose other two concerns: the speed of their height adjustment and the noise they make while moving upwards and downwards.

If you know you’re someone who can’t stay still or have to share the desk with other family members, then a low-noise, fast-changing standing desk is paramount.

Ideally, the standing desk you will go for in the end is a sturdy, fast-paced 🙂 , reasonably sized desk that can go to great heights.

Where to buy a standing desk (and get a good deal)

Doing a bit of research before buying a standing desk is our number 1 recommendation. For that, Amazon is still king, since you can see other people’s review.

Make sure you think about the place you are going to install it and your needs (as described above) before you purchase one, especially since these can sell for hundreds of dollars.

Nowadays, standing desks come in different shapes and forms, are made from MDF, metallic or eco-friendly materials, use different motors and have an array of features.

Here are the top 5 standing desks we love that are ergonomic, sleek and don’t break the bank.

Standing desk converter for limited space

standing desk converter mount it

Standing desks converters are selling like hot cakes and it’s easy to see why. Since a standing desk converter turns any old desk into an ergonomic choice, they’re the most budget-friendly choice.

You’ll notice that most e-commerce sites out there are low on stock or out of stock. Before you go directly to the manufacturer’s site (that may practice higher prices), you should take a chance on this model.

We still found a couple of units here at a reasonable price but this model from Mount-it is the best standing desk converter we found on a budget.

A light squeeze of its handles helps you set it up as either a standing or a sitting desk with a removable tray for peripherals like keyboard and mouse.

You can count on 38″ of space for your laptop and second monitor and between 4.9″ and 19.2″ adjustment settings for optimal height.

The desk itself weighs just 33 pounds, so it can sit even on the flimsiest Ikea desks.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo

At almost double the cost, you will find this aesthetically-pleasing, bamboo standing desk from Fully. While the price might shock you at first, the sturdiness of this desk and its versatility are almost unparalleled.

We’re talking about a desk that can hold up to 350 pounds, going from from 30″ to 78″ depending on the available space you have.

You can adjust it up to 6’7″, choose the metal frame colors and desk shape – rectangular or curved. You’ll notice that it makes quite a bit of noise during adjustments, so make sure you’re not in a call during this process.

There are also extra options to customize your desk, including a memory panel and extra height adjustments.

FlexiSpot 55″ EF1L

If you’re a creative person, then you might want to check a standing desk that is both spacious and comes with a playful design. This L-shaped one with curved, coming at 55″, checks both boxes, and it’s perfect for multitasking with both a laptop and a PC.

It benefits from a quiet motor and four programmable height settings, enabling you to adjust it from 28.7″ to 48.4″ and thus, becoming suitable for people as tall as 6’6″.

While it won’t hold as much weight as the Jarvis one, it can still carry up to 121 pounds! That should be enough for your monitor(s), laptop, keyboard and mouse and even a plant, agendas and a mug of coffee.

You can opt for a black frame with a black desktop or a lighter combo, with a gray frame and and a maple desktop.



More suitable for gamers, this standing desk from Eureka comes with a 60″ desktop so you’ll need plenty of space if you opt for it.

However, once you do, you should enjoy the dark, edgy design, and fully tailored, zero-slip mouse pad.

Focused on gamers’ preferences, the standing desk comes with 4 charging USB ports, a cup holder, double headphone racks and a socket holder.

The sturdy, metal legs can hold up to 180 pounds and you can opt for a keyboard tray that is sold separately.


VariDesk Pro Plus 36

If you’re not sure about committing to an electric standing desk full time, a converter is the best way to go.

This one from Vari measures 36″, doesn’t require assembly and has a whooping 11 height adjustment levels. You should be able to fit a laptop, monitor(s), keyboard and mouse as well as other knick-knacks.

It comes with dual handles for lift up and spring assistance so it shouldn’t give you too much trouble while adjusting it.

This model holds up to 35 pounds but if you want a sturdier option, you can go for the 48″ Pro Plus which withstands up to 45 pounds.

Interested in a standing desk converter? It’s a bigger investment but the freedom it gives you is pretty nifty.


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How To Choose and Where To Buy a Standing Desk
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