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Whoa! You Can Block Ads and Screens In Real Life with the IRL Glasses

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The Internet is definitely a much nicer place without ads, so why can’t real life be like that as well? That’s the idea behind the most promising Kickstarter project we’ve seen lately: the IRL Glasses.

As you probably know, IRL stands for “in real life”. The IRL Glasses could be easily called an ad blocker in real life, as they’re able to completely block the light emitted by most screens.

If you wear these sunglasses, you’ll be able to see everything clearly, just not LED or LCD screens, as the IRL glasses will block the wavelengths of light emitted by these types of screens. Instead, you’ll just see devices with black screens that appeared to be turned off.


Initially, the IRL Glasses used a special type of film but now have polarized lenses that have been rotated 90 degrees and flattened. Due to this, they can block the light emitted from LCD and LED screens. Because of that, they will turn most TV sets and laptops into simple black rectangles, but not devices like newer smartphones which rely on OLED screens.

If ad blocking in real life wasn’t good enough, the design of the IRL Glasses will definitely appeal to geeks. They look just like the magic sunglasses from the classic 1988 movie They Live, which revealed secret messages like “Obey” or “Conform” hidden in billboards.

For those wanting to make a statement or just rest their eyes from the glare of too many screens, they seem like the perfect geek gift. The Kickstarter already surpassed its targets but you can still pre-order IRL glasses starting at $49.

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