LG 4K TV Debuts With Nano Cell Display And DTS Virtual:X For Theater-Like Experience

In late March, consumer electronics company LG and multichannel audio technologies corporation DTS, part of Xperi, announced that they were “collaborating to bring DTS Virtual:X Technology to televisions.” While exciting because this means home entertainment systems will benefit from a powerful audio solution, the press release didn’t specify what devices we could expect DTS Virtual:X on. But now, LG has announced the first TVs to incorporate this technology: the Ultra HD 4K Resolution LG UK7550PLA.

DTS Virtual:X brings multi-dimensional and powerful audio to LG’s high-quality televisions. The immersive sound format creates an audio based atmosphere, placing sounds where they would naturally occur in space, without the need for a large and complex speaker set up. According to Jea Yoo, President of Xperi, DTS: Virtual:X Technology “offers consumers a hassle-free, theater-like sound experience at home.”

In addition to the immersive audio solution, the TV’s Nano Cell Display can “produce a full spectrum of color that results in a lifelike image.” Nanoparticles adjust for each color, allowing for more nuanced and accurate colors as well as limiting color differences at wider viewing angles. Coupled with this is LG’s Ultra Luminance tech which creates larger contrasts of brights and darks and Active HDR, minimizing distortion of the display image regardless of the viewing angle.

The UK7550PLA also comes with ThinQ AI, the same artificial intelligence featured in LG G7 ThinQ and LG Q7 allowing for voice activation and search services. Entertainment based queries and requests, like switching channels, playing a specific show on Netflix, and changing the TV viewing modes, can all be completed by the AI. However, the AI also can accommodate requests for directions on Google Maps and a list of actors in the movie you’re watching thanks to integration with Google Assistant.

Available in 49″, 55″, and 65″ variants, the UK7550PLA is available in select countries with a global rollout likely to come. This is the first of several new LG TVs that will be utilizing DTS Virtual:X Technology, meaning we can expect more immersive audio in the next generation of televisions!

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