Lyft Goes Harder In The Race Against Uber With Discounts, Improved App And Non-Profit Projects

Credit: Lyft

Lyft has acquired Motivate just at the start of the month and they are already out with new ideas.

Ever since the acquisition, the company has been working hard integrating the bikes and scooters into the platform and it helped that Motivate ran both Citi Bike and GoBike in New York and San Francisco respectively.

Lyft’s goal is to get more people to use their personal cars less and instead share a ride or, now thanks to the Motivate acquisition, enjoy a bike or a scooter instead.

At the moment, 35% of the Lyft rides are shared but the company’s goal is to make it to 50% by 2020. They are hoping that, with the bikes and the scooters in the game as well, they will be able to bridge that gap.

Now Lyft is also considering 100% discounts on rides that start or end at designated stops in addition to investing in projects that should help expand public transportation to people in underprivileged communities. Lyft plans to work with organizations such as TransForm in order to create programs that will help people with low incomes.

The company also promises that their app will help users plan a multi-modal trip as well as be able to provide them with real-time transit info.

By the sound of things, Lyft is planning to give Uber a run for its money but the fact remains that both companies applied for an electric scooter program in San Francisco and as of yet, no decision has been made. Whoever will get the San Francisco contract will most likely be at the top of the ride-sharing market.

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