More Information on “Switch Fit” Released, Called “Ring Fit Adventure”

Last week, Nintendo teased a game that seemed to be the successor of the Wii Fit series. However, not much was shown other than the happy faces and two new, but unnamed, accessories. In their video presentation on Thursday, the game company gave a clearer picture of what this new fitness game would be.

Labeled as an adventure game, the new game titled “Ring Fit Adventure” will have players using fitness based activities to conquer challenges and monsters. Exploring an expansive world, players will be able to run, “blast” air, and strike poses to continue on their adventure.

The two new Switch accessories, the Ring-con and Leg Strap, are a key part to this experience. Both have an attachment for a single joy-con to allow connection with the Switch, but because of their form factors, are not truly intrusive or restrictive. However, the controllers are incredibly responsive, matching whatever pose or movement you make on screen.

With these two controllers, players use their whole body to battle enemies. In battles, players pick what Fit “Skills” to attack the enemy. Fit “Skills” are a series of fitness actions that can be done to attack the enemy; the more perfect the form, the more damage you’ll do. Additionally, there are 4 different types of Fit “Skills,” each with its own focus: red uses your arms, yellow uses the core, blue uses the legs and green engage the whole body in yoga poses. As the player beats enemies, they gain levels and access to more Fit “Skills.”

In addition to this story mode, there will also be quick play options. Simple allows players to target specific muscle groups by picking the exercises (likely Fit “Skills”). Minigames let gamers run, climb, or fly through the air for high scores (likely different from Fit “Skills,” but still using the same concepts). Finally, there is a Set mode that is similar to a gym set, letting players focus on specific muscle groups through multiple activities.

Accessible to all ages and fitness levels, “Ring Fit Adventure” will have a visual guide for posture and form. For those who want to track their progress, the game can estimate calories burned and heart rate.

“Ring Fit Adventure” will release on October 18th.

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