Oppo’s Foldable Phone Patent Amazes with 2-in-1 Pop-up Camera

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Since most big manufacturers have recently revealed foldable phone designs, why should Oppo be the exception? Earlier this year, the company unveiled a Mate X-style phone concept, but an Oppo patent spotted online suggests a new trendy feature is going to be included.

The patent published by Let’s Go Digital features a foldable phone with a pop-up selfie camera and first appeared at the World Intellectual Property Office.

The fact that the camera faces inwards when the tablet is unfolded, serving as what it looks like a selfie shooter, is one thing. But when folded, the camera doubles as a rear shooter, in an unexpected turn of events.

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Considering Oppo’s design, there will be no need for a camera grip like the Mate X unfortunately dons or a notch like the Fold has, this is a full-screen display.

That’s great, the only caveat remaining that you can’t have a big screen and take photos, since in tablet mode the cameras don’t face outwards. Other than that, the foldable phone allows you to conduct video calls or take selfies with the large screen on display.

Users can also benefit from the wide display while writing, if they hook it up to a Bluetooth keyboard or use the camera setup for conference calls.

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At this point, the Oppo foldable phone design is just a patented concept. Of course, the idea of getting a full-screen, seamless foldable device is exciting, but we don’t actually know if this will turn out into a product.

If it happens though, would you choose it over Mate X or Galaxy Fold?

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