Samsung Tipped To Add A Vapor Cooling Chamber To The Galaxy S22

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 might come with some interesting hardware to cool down its insides when it gets a little too hot: vapor chambers. This technology is normally most commonly found in high-end gaming smartphones that need to sustain long and arduous gaming sessions.

The system (and similar ones to it) has also been used in high-performance computers as well and in smartphones, it consists of a vacuum-sealed metal canister that holds a very small amount of liquid. This liquid turns into gas once it heats up and condenses again when it gets to a cooler temperature and returns to the heat source via a secondary system. This allows for fast heat dissipation.

Samsung has been using the vapor chamber system on and off for a long time – we have seen it on the Galaxy S10+ and the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 as well but only on some of the devices in the series.

But it was a feature reserved only for its flagship smartphones and they have never made an appearance on the vanilla versions before.
However, it seems like this might be about to change.

According to a new report, the company is looking into bringing the vapor chambers back in style for its 2022 lineup. It’s not a given just yet but there are signs that’s the direction Samsung is heading to.
With this type of cooling system the device (or devices?) will be able to guarantee better performance when faced with more advanced technologies such as a super-fast 5G connection or a high-definition display with a high refresh rate.

The sources quoted in the report stated that there has been a “significant deceleration in 5G deployments in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic” but they also mention that suppliers have been getting ready for potential incoming orders as it is believed “Samsung may reactivate the development of smartphones with vapor chambers.”

We really don’t know a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S22, but if the company sees the need to add a vapor chamber cooling system on it, we can safely say that the device will prove to be a monster of a smartphone. That means high-powered processors, 5G network connectivity, a more comprehensive multi-tasking experience, high-definition displays and so on.

However, as is the case with rumors that appear this early before the phone is even announced, they should only be taken with a grain of salt.
We’ll keep you updated if we find out anything new.


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Samsung Tipped To Add A Vapor Cooling Chamber To The Galaxy S22
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