Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones Are Everything We Were Waiting For

After a lot of hide and seek, Sony is finally giving us their fourth iteration of wireless noise cancelling headphones. The WH-1000XM4 are being announced this week! 

Honestly, I didn’t think Sony could do much more than upgrade the audio upscaling and maybe, add a couple of new settings to the companion app. But turns out, Sony took to heart our complaints. Like the poor voice quality when calling someone. 

The XM4 are gonna bring Precise Voice Pickup, a very specific feature that’s gonna leverage the five built-in mics to help clear and augment your voice in a conversation. 


Come to think of it, many of the new features we’re gonna talk about in a bit are about making this transition, from voice to ambient sound, easier. 

Take, for example, speak-to-chat. The voice detection technology in these headphones will pick up automatically when you’re asking a question or answering someone and pause the music. Half a minute or so after you’re done talking, music will resume like usual. 

This automatic detection is gonna play off the functionality of the wear sensor too, so it’s gonna play and pause the music as you take off and put on the headset.

The XM4 are said to come in the same two basic colors, black and silver, with the same overall design as the XM3. And we’re cool with that – between a different design and new audio features, I think we can all agree: features count more! 

So, the XM4 is gonna upgrade to DSEE Extreme [ di-es-i-i], a better, real time audio upscaling. This is going to take into account the music genre and even the type of instrument that’s taking front stage in the track you’re listening to. 

Another thing the XM4 will be able to do is detect nearby voices and reduce ambient and music sound. That way, you’ll be able to focus on the voice without having to take them off or adjust the volume levels. 

Check out all the new features in the video above!

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