This Face Mask Looks Like Your Regular Drugstore Buy But It’s Fully Compostable

The COVID 19 pandemic made the production of face masks explode, companies hurrying up to offer items that are safe and keep you protected as well as stylish and reusable. However, if you’ve found yourself relying on 3-ply drugstore ones more often than not, you’re not alone. In fact, the popularity of said masks made one U.K. company come up with their own version of it, only eco-friendly and completely compostable. Meet the Henosis Mask.

According to the manufacturers, this is the world’s first eco-friendly and fully compostable 3-ply facemask that uses responsibly sourced materials, produced and printed in the UK. Using biodegradable ones is still better than hard to disintegrate plastic but 100% compostable items turn into compost just like that! These masks can simply be thrown together with other items in the hot composter and turned into good-for-the-Earth, organic compost. Or, you can put it in the food recycling bin and they should be broken down in 12 weeks, max.

‍Besides that, the mask has an 85% filtration rate now and is working towards a 95% filtration rate which means it will protect you from airborne pathogens. The next step, the company says, is to raise up the filtration rate to 98%, making it also water-resistant.

Henosis is selling these masks through their website. One box containing 50 masks costs 30 pounds/$42. Not the cheapest on the market, that much is true.

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This Face Mask Looks Like Your Regular Drugstore Buy But It’s Fully Compostable
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