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Watch The Amazing Intel Drone Light Show From The Olympics

intel drone light show 2018 olympics

Just yesterday we wrote about the abundance of drones at the 2018 Olympics and today we have an amazing sight.

The picture above shows the impressive light show put on by Intel at the Pyeongchang Games using 1218 drones – scroll for video as well.

While Lady Gaga also sang surrounded by a drone light show at the Super Bowl, the Intel drone light show for the Olympics is a worldwide record by sheer numbers. The previous record, for 500 drones coordinating in the air, belongs to Intel as well.

“In order to create a real and lifelike version of the snowboarder with more than 1,200 drones, our animation team used a photo of a real snowboarder in action to get the perfect outline and shape in the sky,”

The Intel Shooting Star platform enables hundreds and thousands of drones to fly in synch, moving along a path created by an animator. Due to their battery limitations, each drone can fly for about 20 minutes. But that’s just details.

The general manager of Intel’s drone group, Anil Nanduri, said it best:
“It’s in essence technology meeting art.” #actionmagic

If you missed the show, watch the recording below and don’t worry! Intel plans to deploy 300 drones each night, just in time for the medal ceremonies.

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