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What’s A Metaverse? Take A Walk Through the Xbox 20th Anniversary Museum

With all this talk of the metaverse and Mark Zuckerberg changing Facebook’s name to Meta, most people are asking themselves “Okay, but what is a metaverse?”

The best answer is simply see for yourself, because Microsoft launched a metaverse to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox.

An interactive virtual museum full of factoids and even your own player stats, the Xbox Museum is a true metaverse, a virtual place where you can walk your avatar and interact with the surroundings.

xbox museum metaverse

In the Xbox Museum you’ll also see other players exploring the history of this console, remembering famous incidents like the Xbox 360 red ring of death or even when Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo.

It’s a 20-year timeline full of stories surrounding the Xbox consoles, from the original Xbox and up to the latest Xbox Series X and S consoles.

If you have been an Xbox fan all this time, you can even chart your own history with the console. The Xbox Museum shows you from the moment you first signed into Xbox Live and what games you played. You can even share it with friends, so take a look

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What’s A Metaverse? Take A Walk Through the Xbox 20th Anniversary Museum
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