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You Can Now Get Palm’s Unlocked Tiny Phone for $350

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The Palm phone is quite exciting and unique. The tiny device is created to work as a second phone for the times you might need a lighter and less bulky device.

Although small and cute, comfy and light, you can’t probably expect the same capabilities as those of a full-sized smartphone. The tiny phone is severely limited by a number of factors, especially… size.
However, the biggest concern was a Verizon exclusive that only let users purchase the device as a second handset to an existing account.

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This is surprising especially because back in April, the company announced that the 3.3-inch device could be purchased as a standalone piece through Verizon or US Mobile. Today, the phone can be purchased unlocked and it works with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and MetroPCS SIMs.

If you like the tiny phone, you may find it challenging to purchase it “at only” $350, being close to a regular sized smartphone in terms of price.
Anyhow, the phone seems meant to be a second phone, for whenever you are able to take a break from your regular one.
But don’t get your hopes up, because the device can’t be used as a primary handset, as it lacks many capabilities we are used to nowadays.

But if you’re still into it, you can pre-order it and Palm offers a $30 leather case with neck and wrist lanyards to go with it. Keep in mind the shipping of the devices starts in about six to eight weeks.

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