Cybertruck RV Preorders Are In, Turning Tesla's Truck in a Home on Wheels
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Cybertruck RV Preorders Are In, Turning Tesla’s Truck in a Home on Wheels

Cybertrucks aren’t even on the streets yet but a Las Vegas company already imagined the perfect accessory for Elon Musk’s pickup truck: an RV.

Tesla drivers and future Cybertruck owners will be able to turn their pickup truck into a home on wheels if they choose so. Thanks to Stream It, the possibility to attach an RV to Tesla’s futuristic vehicle is here.

CyberLandr is the name of the Cybertruck accessory and believe it or not, people are already jumping at the chance to get their hands on one. Preorders started earlier this year and Stream It believes more than 10,000 units will be on the production list by 2022.

One CyberLandr starts at the price of $40,000 and will go up to $49,995 after the promotion ends. People have already put down payments of $2,000 – $5,000, excited to couple the Cybertruck to this invention. Thankfully, all down payments are refundable and preorders can be canceled until the final purchase is completed.

By the way, Stream It lets buyers complete their payments once they have their Cybertrucks in their possession.

What does the CyberLandr offer, you ask? Everything you need for a home on wheels.

At 1200 lbs dry, you have your built-in shower, self-cleaning toilet, chef’s kitchen, and even a bed. The chef’s kitchen comes with a smart faucet, induction cooktop, and generous countertop while the bedroom offers a queen bed, an alarm system, electrochromic dimming, and even room for a couple of guests.

Stream It has even imagined a corner office in the vertical structure. This working place would be outfitted with internet connection via StarLink satellite dish and 32-inch TV than can double as a second monitor.  

CyberLandr will pull power from Tesla’s Cybertruck while the solar panels available for the RV will give back power, charging up the truck.

Is there room for a mountain bike or a paddleboard? Unfortunately, not really. For this type of sports gear, you’ll need a hitch attachment but Stream It says there will be several coming to market.

Moving the CyberLandr around will also be easy to do thanks to a dolly that the company can provide. That will be unveiled before Stream It begins production.

The Las Vegas company expects more than $50 million in future revenue and estimates that the first units will become available at the same time as the first Cybertrucks. This means, that if all goes well, we could see Tesla’s truck and its RV companion sometime later this year.

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Cybertruck RV Preorders Are In, Turning Tesla’s Truck in a Home on Wheels
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