Nubia Alpha, The First Functional Wearable Phone, Launches At MWC 2019
MWC 2019

Nubia Alpha, The First Functional Wearable Phone, Launches At MWC 2019

2019 is shaping up to be the year when companies make good on their promises. At Mobile World Congress Barcelona, we have seen so far the first LG phone with 5G, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X (although both were kept away from visitors in a glass display). Maybe the most impressive reveal, though, was Nubia’s – a wearable phone with a wrap-around display.

Nubia Alpha is a phone and smartwatch in the same time. It has the wrap-around your wrist form factor we associate with smartwatches with the camera and IR sensor we see on most smartphones nowadays.

Nubia boasts about it’s sleek design, but with a 4-inch OLED display and quite the chunky band, we’re not sure if it’s the most practical, lightweight design.

The thickness is required for the two buttons on the right side, camera sensors and activity tracking ones on the back of it. The panoramic screen
was made of 11 layers, so it has all the odds in its favor when it comes to durability.

What can you do and see on it? The Nubia Alpha displays calls, texts, weather, alarm and fitness tracking notifications that you can go through with gestures, voice or touch.

You can take selfies and videos with its 5MP f 2.2 camera, even live ones on integrated apps like WeChat. To listen to music, you can either use the built-in speakers or a pair of wireless buds.

Nubia Alpha is water-resistant, has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, eSIM support and comes in two metallic colors: black and gold.

Its launching price is 499 euros and it’s expected to arrive in April.

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