New Foldable Concept from Samsung Is A Flip Phone

samsung foldable flip phone clamshell smartphone

One year after making waves with the unveiling of the Galaxy Fold and just weeks after finally relaunching that device, Samsung is back with a new foldable phone.

This one moves away from the Galaxy Fold design, instead going for a flip phone look. Fold it in half vertically and you basically have a clamshell phone like back in the day but square and obviously smarter.

On Tuesday, at the 2019 Samsung Developer Conference in San Jose, Samsung took to the stage to introduce One UI 2, a new user interface for the company’s devices.

Now, enter the new Samsung foldable phone whose Infinity Flex Display bends right down the middle to turn into a pocketable square.


The news confirms a previous Bloomberg report that spilled the beans on the square foldable Samsung phone. 

However, neither that outlet nor Samsung said when we should expect this device at retailers or whether we should expect it at all.

In any case, it probably won’t be here soon, because people are still adjusting to the Galaxy Fold and testing it to see if the screen breaking issues are gone. 

After seeing the Galaxy tested by a robot and bent for thousands of times, it does seem safe enough.
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