Tips and Tricks to Win Your Lane as a Support in MLBB

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Support heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang aim to aid and protect the entire team during battle. It is not for everyone, given that support heroes are usually just supporting cast members who do not rack up kills in the game.

Today, we will focus on providing you with tips and tricks on how to win your lane as support in MLBB. Additionally, if you require any Mobile Legend top up, be sure to check out OffGamers!

Know Your Role

Support heroes are simple to play but difficult to master. In the lower ranks, most teams do not even have a support in their lineup. Although support heroes are quite formidable, especially in the late game, they are more common in high-ranked matches.

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If you want to play as a support hero in MLBB, make sure your main goal is to keep enemies from farming in your lane. You also need to support your other teammates, especially the marksman, so they do not get easily killed in the middle to late game and they can do their job to carry your team

There is no need to farm for kills or gold. I understand that many people may become disinterested in knowing this, but know that support heroes are crucial in clashes that can make or break your chances of winning.

One of the roles of a support is to take the damage, which means you have to protect your teammates by positioning yourself in front most of the time. Keep poking your enemies so they retreat to their tower.

Let your marksman hero farm while you do all the poking towards the enemies. Support heroes tend to have good CC abilities and can sometimes provide heals and shields to your team and debuffs for the enemy team. These abilities can be very important in crucial moments.

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As a result, good positioning for your support is something you must master in MLBB. I mentioned that you should be next to the marksman, but this is not always the case.

Early Game

To begin, you must assist the marksman in cleaning their lane early in the game. You can discourage enemies from engaging by poking and annoying them until they flee. This will assist your marksman in taking care of the minions as well as some jungle monsters. 

If this works, your teammate will most likely earn far more gold than the opposing hero. As much as possible, assist your marksman in defeating the opposing team. 

This would be simple if they did not have any assistance. If successful, your marksman will undoubtedly have the upper hand in terms of level and gold, which is important going into the mid-game part of the match.

Mid Game

Support heroes can roam the map to assist other lanes in gaining an advantage and destroying the towers once your marksman has gotten ahead of the enemy and can sustain themselves and win clashes on their own. Of course, you must return to your marksman teammate to assist them in pushing the next tower, especially since he may be targeted for ganking by the opposing team.

Support heroes are excellent initiators of clashes; as previously stated, they have excellent CC abilities. Nana’s skills, for example, have a slow effect on enemies that can be exploited. Tigreal’s ultimate can draw all enemies toward him, allowing your team to easily swoop them. It is usually best to wait for the right moment and hide in the bushes before using these abilities to catch the enemies off guard. This is great for mid-game support, where you roam and support different lanes to assist your teammates.

Late Game

Late in the game, it usually goes clash after clash until someone makes a mistake and is wiped out. Support heroes can roam to provide vision to other teammates, and once a clash begins, support heroes can heal or provide shields if they have that ability, which they should use at the most appropriate time to give their team an advantage in clashes. 

Marksmen and assassins are almost always the first to die in late-game clashes because they are the most targeted, so make sure to protect them. On the other hand, you can debuff the opposing team’s assassin or marksman, allowing your teammates to instantly kill them.

Support your team and initiate clashes with other heroes to increase your chances of wiping out the other team and winning the game.

Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Here are some of the best support heroes you can use in MLBB:


Mathilda is a rare breed of hero in that she is both an assassin and a support character. This means she is best as a roamer, though she can assist your core teammate in getting ahead early on.

You can use her to ambush and gank enemies. Her second ability, the Guiding Wind, is excellent at shielding and blinking teammates, which can be useful in battle. Her passive is beneficial in terms of damage because as she moves, she receives more powerful attacks while increasing her movement speed. However, because Mathilda is also an assassin, she does not have as much health as other support.

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Her first skill, Soul Bloom, and ultimate skill, Circling Eagle, are great at killing enemies, so using them alongside your basic attack after charging up your passive should be your combo, while your second skill will be the one assisting your teammates during clashes.


Diggie is a support hero who excels at providing vision to your teammates. You might be wondering, “How exactly?”

Young Again, his passive, makes him immortal, which means that instead of respawning at the base, he will become an egg that can move around the map. In this form, he cannot be targeted, so he can freely roam the map, revealing where the enemies may be hiding.

His abilities are excellent for debuffing enemies. His first ability, Auto Alarm Bomb, can be quite annoying to enemies because it damages and slows them down when hit. His second skill, Reverse Time, can bring enemies back to a specific designation, which means this is the best skill to use if you plan on ganking someone. What’s more, his ultimate, Time Journey, buffs him with a shield as well as the allies around him. It makes him immune to Control Effects, which can come in handy during battle.

His strategy is to annoy enemies by spamming his first skill, especially in the early and mid-game. The second skill is useful for escaping enemies and ganking them. Check-in with your core teammate if they are being harassed, as you may be able to easily support them to prevent enemies from ambushing your team’s damage dealer. Finally, use the ultimate during a clash where your team can have shields to give them an advantage in wiping out the enemy team.


Lolita is yet another support hero who can be tough and useful to the team. For starters, her passive, Noumenon Energy Core, grants her a shield for twenty seconds if she does not take damage for the previous five seconds. Furthermore, if her teammates are close to her, they will gain a shield, making her presence crucial before the battle.

The cool thing about Lolita is that she excels at crowd control and defending the team from projectiles. Her first skill, Charge!, can deal a lot of damage while also stunning the enemies. She can also blink towards enemies, allowing you to easily pursue escaping enemies and stun them for almost a second. This gives your teammates enough time to deal with the enemy quickly.

Her second skill, Guardian’s Bulwark, is great at blocking incoming ranged attacks and can be a great initiator attack because you can use it again to fire a blast of energy that explodes once it hits an enemy, dealing damage to surrounding enemies as well. Furthermore, the more projectiles that are thrown at the shield, the stronger it becomes.

Her ultimate, Noumenon Blast, allows her to charge up her passive, which slows enemies who are hit with the fan-shaped area. This takes about two seconds to charge before slamming the hammer into the ground. This stuns enemies for two seconds and deals decent damage. Two seconds is enough time for you and your teammates to eliminate the stunned enemies.

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There are many more support heroes available to use in Mobile Legends, such as Angela, Minotaur, and Nana. Each of them is a great hero who can help support their team, but if you want to rank higher, the three that we listed will be of the most assistance to you in achieving that objective.

Support is a viable option at higher ranks, and once you master it, you can easily advance. Furthermore, you do not need to focus on fighting and getting kills with a support hero. Your main priority should be allowing your core teammates to farm and get ahead of enemies while poking the opposing team to keep them from getting ahead.

If you have any tips and tricks for support heroes, let us know in the comment section below.

Article contributed by Sarah Paul, a content outreach writer for OffGamers.

About Sarah Paul: I foster relationships between gaming enthusiasts and gaming developers to create relevant content for gamers worldwide. I also happen to be a passionate writer and certified night owl.

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