Top Upcoming Phones 2022 (First Arrivals)

2022 is shaping up to be a better year, a fair year and in the tech world, a busy year. CES 2022 will start soon and during the first couple of months of the new year some of the top upcoming phones are going to be released.

For those of you who are in need of a brand new phone and don’t want to wait months to get your hands on one, here are my picks. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be wider and taller than the S21 and thinner. It’s also going to come in more shades than you’ve seen for the standard S21. The pretty pale shades on offer are also going to cover the camera bump, creating a unified look.

And, since it’s a Fan Edition, Samsung has listened to fans and retained two features; two feature that are pretty rare on a phone nowadays. You guessed it: a headphone jack and a microSD. 

At this point in time, display, price, battery, camera and chip are no mystery. Just check out this video to find out all the specs!  

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The vanilla series will rock but the Ultra model is going to take the cake, as expected, with a reimagined camera, in a sort of P shape but with flush lenses and the S Pen.

Word is the stylus will be housed by the phone itself, turning it into a Note through and through. 

The latest Snapdragon and Exynos chips will be at work. I’ve gone over camera and battery details in a previous video, so here’s the link if you wanna know more.  

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus 10 Pro won’t look anything like the 9 Pro, at least while looking at the back. This phone’s twist is the redesigned camera bump.

Get ready to see a square-ish camera bleeding into the edge, kind of like on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Another thing that has drawn my attention to the 10 Pro is the decision to cut off one camera; if you ask me, probably the monochrome one will be getting the sack. So we’ll have a triple, not a quad bundle.  

Two more things that took the OnePlus 10 Pro to the big league are the chip and battery. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which is the latest chip from Qualcomm, will surely power the phone.

OnePlus 10 Pro Retailer Listings Reveal Launch Date

On the other hand, the 10 Pro will see an upgrade to a 5,000mAh cell with 125W fast charging in tow.

However, the price ain’t that pretty: around $850.

iPhone SE 5G

At the opposite spectrum, sits Apple’s iPhone SE 5G. While its bigger brothers will come next fall, this one should appear in Spring.

It will be the fastest cheap phone on the market next year because Apple will make it run on the A15 chip, the same one powering the iPhone 13 now. 

That’s not all! Another thing that helped this compact fella make it on my list was the design. With a bit of luck, iPhone SE 5G will be an iPhone XR wannabe. Indeed, Apple will ditch the chunky bezels and TouchID home button.

How much will it cost? I think around $450 and that’s with 5G and an upgraded battery! 

Xiaomi 12 Ultra

I just talked about it here with you but if you haven’t seen that video yet, long story short: this will be the first to rock the new Snapdragon chip. This, in turn, means it’s gonna be the fastest flagship phone for a while.

The back of the phone will host a huge camera bump with four cameras backed by Leica and plenty of under display technology. 

The camera specs, display and looks are in a recent video – you can check it out here.

Oppo Find N

Oppo Find N just launched… in China. My hope is Oppo will bring it to more markets in a couple of months. 

This one is a foldable and what I loved about it is… how compact Oppo managed to make it. The phone is definitely shorter and wider than its main competition. This makes it pocketable and great for watching video in landscape. 

Plus, the hinge is a beauty! There is no gap in sight and apparently, there are less chances for creases, too.

Of course, specs don’t disappoint starting with 12GB of RAM and a triple camera led by a 50MP main one.

Also, to split the screen in two, you only have to swipe down the middle of the inner screen.

Price is steep, though; we haven’t seen the range for international markets but if I convert the cost in China, you’re looking at $1200 – starting price. 

So – did any of these catch your eye? Tell me below!

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