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You Can Probably Guess the Winners Of The Most Popular Netflix Shows In 2022 (Full List)

To celebrate a year full of originals, Netflix revealed the most popular shows and movies of 2022 – and it’s clear Korean content is here to dominate.

You can probably guess which non-English TV show took the crown. Can’t you? 

Well, allright. It’s All of Us Are Dead, the excellent zombie apocalypse TV show that came to fill the K-drama hole in our soul left by Squid Game. We told you this is one series you shouldn’t miss and the rankings reflect that.

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a fantastic watch as well, landed on the second spot.

Take a look at the most popular Netflix TV shows in the non-English category and you’ll definitely find something great to watch:

  1. All of Us Are Dead: Season 1
  2. Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Season 1
  3. The Marked Heart: Season 1
  4. Til Money Do Us Part: Season
  5. Elite: Season 5
  6. High Heat: Season 1
  7. The Empress: Season 1
  8. Business Proposal: Season 1
  9. Wrongs Side of the Tracks: Season 1
  10. Welcome to Eden: Season 1

As for English TV shows, here are the Netflix most popular watches for the past year:

  1. Stranger Things 4
  2. Wednesday: Season 1
  3. Dahmer
  4. Bridgerton: Season 2
  5. Inventing Anna
  6. Ozark: Season 4
  7. The Watcher: Season 1
  8. The Sandman: Season 1
  9. The Umbrella Academy: Season
  10. Virgin River: Season 4

Curious to see what the best movies on Netflix were in 2022?

We can’t speak about the critically acclaimed but we do have the numbers for the most popular movies on Netflix – and here you can see how many hours they were watched for and during what intervals. 

The most popular Netflix movies in 2022 (English):

The Gray Man

The Adam Project

Purple Hearts


The Tinder Swindler

The Sea Beast

Enola Holmes 2

Senior Year

The Man from Toronto

Day Shift

The most popular Netflix movies in 2022 (Non-English):

  1. Troll
  2. All Quiet on the Western Front
  3. Black Crab
  4. Through My Window
  5. The Takedown
  6. Loving Adults
  7. Carter
  8. My Name Is Vendetta
  9. Restless
  10. Furioza

So, what are you watching next? We’d suggest you start 2023 fresh with Kaleidoscope, the experimental drama on Netflix you can watch in any order (though this is the correct one).

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You Can Probably Guess the Winners Of The Most Popular Netflix Shows In 2022 (Full List)

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