Google Pixel 6: Hot Upgrades That We Can’t Wait to See (Updated)

Pixel fans, you here? All your patience and truly outstanding devotion to Google are gonna be rewarded this year. This October, Google Pixel 6 will be worth investing in, especially since this is gonna be the first phone from Google with their custom chip. Also, there are some hot upgrades coming up your way. See what to expect from the Pixel 6 launch!

Google Pixel 6 Specs: New Chip on the Way

Since it’s always better to have complete control over your hardware and software and make those run as one, in sync, Google is gonna ditch Snapdragon for their own chip. The new processor coming to Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a will be ARM-based, 5G-compatible and will have a unique build that will make Pixels fly!

We know the GS101 Whitechapel SoC will come with a three-cluster setup, a TPU for machine learning, and a security chip. Google has already worked on TPUs for servers and the new security chip will probably be influenced by Google’s Titan M. 

What’s interesting is that the one manufacturing the chip is none other than Samsung! And the giant will be doing it using its 5nm, which is the same one Samsung used on the super hyped GN2. 

Samsung is also one of a couple of Android phone makers doing their own chips right now (the Exynos they use in Europe and Asia.) The other one is Huawei. With these two, Google would finally ride the wave instead of being too late to the party. 

Plus, by breaking up with Qualcomm, Google might inspire others to do the same and create more differentiation on this market. 

If they don’t rush it (after all Apple spent years refining their chips), Google might come on top of this and not do the walk of shame to Qualcomm the next day. 

Google Pixel 6 Camera: Video and Photo Upgrades

Google Pixel 6 might also come with significant upgrades camera-wise. While Pixels are considered to have the best camera software on the market… phone cameras have evolved A LOT! Hardware-wise, Pixel 6 should really up the game! Upgrading the main sensor will happen, as far as we know. Pixel 6 will go for a 50MP main camera with an ultra-wide.

Don’t worry – fitting a triple setup is not out of the question, especially for the Pro. It seems Pixel fans will get a Pixel 6 Pro with the 50MP main rear camera, an ultra-wide, and an 8MP telephoto with 5x optical zoom. The Pixel 6 Pro will finally get to go mano a mano with the likes of Galaxy S21 Ultra, Mi 11 Ultra, and other flagships.

Expect a more centered design approach, too. What we mean by that is there will likely be a punch-hole selfie camera smack dab in the center of the display. A selfie camera, incidentally, that will be capable of recording 4k videos!

The new camera sensors coupled with an upgraded image processing will make the Pixel 6 a noteworthy competitor and one that you’ll be proud to show off.

Google Pixel 6: Bold Design, Colors and Size

Pixel 6 will also be a huge departure from its predecessors and, really, every phone out there that opted for a square camera bump. That’s because the thing housing the new camera array will be a horizontal black bar. With it, the entire design of the phone will change, going for a bolder approach.

Expect a tri-color Pixel 6, with an off-white/peach body, the aforementioned black bar, and an orange top. Rumor is this color combo will be joined by two other, one a sand and gold duo and the other, a green and silver one.

But a different camera island and design are not the only things that will change drastically with the Pixel 6. Size is set to increase, too. Pixel 6 will measure 6.4 inches while the Pixel 6 Pro will go for 6.67 inches, which is more in line with this year’s flagships. To get an idea of what that means, keep in mind that Pixel 5 was 6 inches.

What we’re less thrilled about is the thickness of the body. It seems Pixel 6 series will have an 8.9mm body which will jump to 11.8mm easily. if the latest Pixel 6 cases are right. The unibody will be interrupted by a mic hole at the top and speaker grills at the bottom.

Google Pixel 6 Refresh Rate: Finally, What We Deserve!

If you thought a 90Hz Pixel 5 was good enough, think again. Google is going all out with the Pixel 6 series so we’re finally getting the refresh rate we deserve. On the new Pixel 6 phones, we’ll get to experience a 120Hz refresh rate at least on one of the phones (the Pro). Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a dynamic refresh rate so those of you who aren’t playing all the time can preserve battery for the things that matter most.

Another upgrade for Pixel 6 Pro will happen at the display level. Expect this baby to have a QHD resolution, instead of FHD as the vanilla model.

Google Pixel 6: Charging and Other Surprises

On the rear, you won’t find a fingerprint reader anymore. Does that mean they are sticking solely to face authentication from now on? We don’t think so, especially considering the use of face masks daily due to the current pandemic. What could they do, then? Google might go with an under-display fingerprint scanner – Google Pixel 6 is shaping out to be one sexy phone!

While that’s not confirmed yet, you should know this: Google has decided, all of a sudden, to allow Android 12 to enable native system-wide support for this feature. And since we don’t believe in coincidences… there has to be some truth there.

Besides some nifty camera tricks, I think Pixel 6 could also throw us a bone when it comes to charging. Sticking with 18W charging might have been cute at first but it’s not anymore. Since 100W charging smartphones are out now… Google can do a bit better in the charging department. As for the battery itself, we wouldn’t be surprised with Google went with a 5,000mAh cell – after all, the refresh rate, photo, and video upgrades, and new chip require it.

Google Pixel 6 Price and Release Date

Although leaks and rumors have poured of late, we just don’t see Google launching this phone earlier than fall. If you ask us, they’ll stick with their late September, early October timeline.

Price, you ask? That’s not gonna increase. Pixel 6 series will debut at $699 just like Pixel 5 or go even lower, around $649.

That’s about everything we know right now about Google Pixel 6 specs, features, rumors and upgrades. What else should Pixel 6 fix or change? Let us know and come back to this article – we will keep updating it until Pixel 6 launches this fall!

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